Save time and increase program visibility

Lockout Tagout Software

Mobile Procedure Builder

Mobile Lockout Completion

Mobile Periodic Inspections

Dashboards Provide Insights into Status of Equipment, LOTO Procedures, Issues and More

User Friendly

Software users are walked through each step of building or completing a lockout tagout procedure.


Easy Procedure Builder

Build lockout tagout procedures in minutes with our 100% mobile LOTO software.

WiFi Not Required

Our cloud-based storage means that you don’t need wifi to complete LOTO procedures, update information, or access the database.

Detailed Audit History

The lockout tagout software portal offers a detailed history of completed LOTO procedure audits including the time, employees present, and revisions made.


Simplified Reporting

Our software makes periodic inspections simple with paper-free documentation and on-the-go reporting.


Maintain Compliance

Avoid hefty OSHA fines and regulation infringements with our software. It keeps you organized and up to date.

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Is the Lockout Tagout Software Customizable?

Yes. Smart Safety Pro is a lockout tagout software designed to be customizable for any organization. The LOTO admin tool allows program administrators access to add and edit data points specific to their implementation. This includes things such as energy type, energy feed, magnitude, and locations. Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout software also includes a fully customizable facility and divisional hierarchy setup. This means that equipment is placed into departments, buildings, floors, and zones for optimal inventory management and assignments. Facility view options include 3D floorplans, card style, and divisional. For corporate implementations, plant sites are easily segregated including user access.

Can a Lockout Tagout Program Really Be Paperless?

With the Smart Safety Pro Lockout Tagout app, companies no longer need to rely on paper to document and manage their LOTO program and periodic inspections. Every action made within the LOTO app, including lockouts, periodic inspections, and procedure revisions, is logged with the user, date, and time. This ensures that the history of lockout tagout procedures as well as compliance reports are only a click away. That being said, after a lockout tagout procedure is created in the mobile app and then approved, the Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout software automatically generates beautiful procedure reports that can be printed and attached to each machine. The reports are embedded with a unique QR code that is used as the scan code for the digital lockout tagout process.

Can I Use the App Even if I Don't Have WiFi?

Yes. The Smart Safety Pro Lockout Tagout app is built to work without a WiFi connection and transfers data between the software and the mobile app using a sync process. Lockout tagout procedures, audits, and updates can be completed anytime, anywhere. This means that you will never be unable to use the lockout tagout app due to a machine being in an area without a WiFi or data connection.

Can I limit What Users Have Access to?

Yes. The Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout software has built in user permission groups to ensure users only perform functions that they are authorized to do. The user groups allow or block the ability to create procedures, approve procedures, perform periodic inspections, perform machine lockout tagout events, or run reports. Admins have complete control over who is given access to various software. This ensures that only authorized employees have the ability to use the lockout tagout software to perform a digital lockout.

Can I Manage Multiple Sites in One System?

Yes. Within the Smart Safety Pro Lockout Tagout software, companies can add multiple sites to their operations. The customizable site map allows sites to be kept separate.

Do I need to Buy Special Scanners or Hardware to Use Smart Safety Pro?

No. The Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app can be downloaded from the public app store onto any device running Android or iOS. It works on cell phones and tablets, and scans barcodes with the device’s camera. For companies with strict security requirements, the app should be installed on an enterprise grade mobile computer. This is a handheld device with an integrated laser scanner. It can be locked down to disable camera, bluetooth, WiFi, and any other prohibited feature. Intrinsically safe mobile computers are also available for performing lockout tagout operations in C1D1 or C2D2 flammable environments.

Is Training Offered?

The Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout software is easy to set up and can be used to start new or convert an existing lockout tagout program to a digital platform. Software training is available if needed, and an online knowledge base offers detailed instructions for using the software. For companies who require OSHA training for authorized employees or assistance with procedure writing and understanding compliance, our partnership with safety consultants Rockford Systems offers onsite consulting services and expert software training combined.