Scan a QR Code to Complete the Mobile Lockout Tagout Procedure

Validate that each step was successfully completed and update the equipment status for real-time visibility into equipment operating status

Completing a mobile lockout tagout procedure digitally on a mobile device offers numerous benefits over reading a printed paper procedure.

Mobile lockout steps are displayed one-at-a time to prevent confusion or missing a step.

Mobile lockout completion updates equipment status to offer robust equipment dashboards

Business Analytics and reporting display mobile lockout tagout and return to service events

Each procedure has a unique system generated QR code printed on the top. Scan the QR Code to begin the mobile lockout tagout process.

The first step of the lockout procedure is displayed on the screen. Slide the completion button to confirm that the step was completed. The next step is then displayed.

If a step cannot be completed, the employee is required to add details and trigger an issue.

The mobile lockout tagout app notifies the employee that it is not safe to work.

QR codes can also be applied to individual energy sources. Scanning an energy source QR code launches the minor servicing workflow.

When work on the machine is complete, scan the QR code again to follow return to service steps and update the machine status back to operating.

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What is the benefit of mobile lockout tagout?

Mobile lockout tagout software offers visibility and insights into machine status that are not possible with a manual lockout tagout program. When a machine is locked out, the authorized employee scans a QR code, views each step of the procedure, and confirms on the screen that the step was completed successfully. This offers two major benefits. First, it ensures that the procedure is followed correctly and includes documentation validation. Next, it changes the status of the equipment to “locked out”. The Smart Safety Pro equipment dashboard displays real-time operating status of all equipment so that program managers verify details without walking out to the machine.

What if I don't have WiFi near the machine?
No WiFi? No worries. Our app works while disconnected from WiFi with a built-in synchronization process that seamlessly transfers your data back and forth between the mobile app and the web portal.
Can I use digital lockout if my company doesn't allow cameras?
Yes, the lockout tagout app can be used without cameras. To maintain scan-ability, use the Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app on a mobile computer with a security lockdown. Lockout tagout procedures can also be executed by selecting the machine from the equipment list, or typing the procedure ID into the procedure lookup box.
Can I ensure that lockout is only performed by authorized employees?
Yes, each user’s access to features within the lockout tagout app are dependent upon user permissions. This ensures that only authorized employees can perform lockout tagout.
Can I use digital lockout for minor servicing?
Yes. The Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app includes a minor servicing module. With this module, QR codes can be applied to individual energy sources. Scanning an energy source QR code launches a mini-procedure and changes the equipment status on the dashboard to minor servicing.
How do I return the machine to service?
When a machine is in a lockout or minor servicing status, scanning the procedure or energy source QR code launches the digital return-to-service process. Using the same method as the lockout, the return-to-service steps are displayed one at a time on the screen and the authorized employee validates that each step is completed successfully. When the return-to-service status is finalized, the real-time equipment status returns to operating.