Mobile Periodic Inspections Automate

OSHA Compliance

“A lot of companies don’t have systems in place to be able to manage the periodic inspection process, and it can be very challenging. With Smart Safety Pro, you can go out there and just bring procedures up on the fly and do a mobile periodic inspection. Make that part of your daily life. Then you can go on the web and you can see, we still have these 10 that we didn’t hit and then we do a planned event on those.”

Scott S
Lockout Tagout Safety Consultant


The Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app maintains records of all mobile periodic inspections at the individual equipment level.

The mobile periodic inspections module displays equipment with periodic inspections due at 30, 60, or 90 day intervals.


Mobile periodic inspections can be performed on demand, promoting the ability to make them part of the daily job rather than doing them all at once.

Each mobile periodic inspection records all the employees in attendance.

Our goal at Smart Safety Pro is to provide you with premium Lockout Tagout software. Part of that means ensuring that OSHA compliance is achievable. Here are some ways that our program helps you maintain compliance:


Easily stay up-to-date on upcoming mobile periodic inspections with countdowns for all equipment

Our centralized platform keeps data from past inspections and audits organized and accessible

Information in the palm of your hand about the who, what, where, when, and why of past LOTO events


Verification of LOTO procedure steps to ensure that nothing is missed, skipped, or forgotten


How do I track when periodic inspections are due?
With the Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app, program managers no longer need to manually track when periodic inspections are due. The software takes over tracking inspections and ensures that a period inspection is triggered every year. The number of periodic inspections due is displayed at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals. This information is accessible via reporting, the web portal dashboard, and the periodic inspection workflow in the lockout tagout mobile app.
What information does the mobile periodic inspection include?
The periodic inspection includes criteria as required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147, and includes an area to record the employees in attendance for the inspection.
Can any employee perform a mobile periodic inspection?
Whether or not an employee can perform a periodic inspection is determined by the permissions assigned within the software. An authorized employee must have the proper permission level assigned to access the periodic inspections workflow within the Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app.
Do I need to print and file mobile periodic inspection records?

No. The lockout tagout software portal stores all periodic inspection records in the database permanently. Periodic inspection reports can be run on-demand as needed. During an OSHA audit, periodic inspection data can be produced for any equipment criteria and any date range at the click of a button.

What happens when a periodic inspection determines that changes to the procedure are required?
When it is necessary to change a procedure, the procedure can be unapproved and edited. Changes can then be made to the existing procedure without having to start over. This includes editing image annotation and isolation steps. After the changes are complete, the procedure is submitted for approval and assigned a new procedure ID number.