Create a LOTO Procedure in Minutes With the Mobile Procedure Builder

It’s time to ditch the traditional, inefficient process

Step 1

To start writing LOTO procedures, select from pre-uploaded equipment on the screen, or easily set up a new equipment.


Step 2

Add the first energy source including location, isolation instructions, locking device and verification steps.

Drop-down selectors offer common options for each category to speed the process.


Step 3

Take a picture of the energy source. Use on-screen annotation to add labels and arrows for energy source and verifications.

Repeat for each remaining energy source. Once the information is complete, submit the procedure for approval with the press of a button.

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Do I need to use a desktop computer to create a procedure?

No. The lockout tagout app includes a 100% mobile LOTO procedure builder. Procedures are written right at the machine for better accuracy and efficiency. Users can add energy sources, take and annotate images, and add verification and return to service steps all on the mobile app.

Can I edit a procedure after it is submitted?

After a procedure has been submitted for approval, the approver is able to make edits until the final approval. When a procedure is in an approved status it cannot be edited. However, if things change or edits are determined to be needed during a periodic inspection, a procedure can be unapproved. This allows the procedure to be modified as needed and then submitted for reapproval. This is a quick process that does not require starting over with a new procedure. When a procedure is revised, it is assigned a new ID number and QR code to ensure version tracking and undisrupted history data.

How do I create a procedure report to attach to the machine?

With the Smart Safety Pro lockout tagout app, a procedure is written at the machine using the 100% mobile procedure builder. Once complete, it is available for viewing on the main procedure dashboard. The steps of the procedure are automatically compiled into a beautiful custom branded report, and include Scope, Purpose, and Authorization; application steps, equipment pictures, energy identification and isolation instructions, and return to service steps. No extra formatting is required – simply press the print button and attach the report to each machine.

Is there a shortcut if I have more than one of the same machine?

Our procedure copy feature allows a completed procedure to be copied for identical machines. This prevents the duplication of lockout tagout procedure writing work when a company has identical machines.

How does the procedure approval work?
After a LOTO procedure is finished and submitted it is ready for approval. The Authorized User can review the procedure in the mobile app, make any necessary changes, then digitally approve it. This activates the procedure QR code so that it can be scanned to auto-launch the mobile procedure execution anytime lockout tagout is required.
Is there version tracking included?
Anytime a lockout tagout procedure is unapproved, edited, and re-approved, it is assigned a new procedure ID number. This offers version tracking when reviewing historical reports and makes it possible to see which lockout tagout procedure was used at any point in time.